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2017 Pikesville Men's Softball League Standings, Schedule, Highlights and Scores

Week #12 -- June 25, 2017

Highlights submitted thus far by LOFT, Kings

Northwest Regional Park Field 1:    Umpire- Regggie Grant
Game 1: Kings 12  (WP- Jeff Harris 6-4 )  Natty O's 7 (LP- Jay Walle 4-3) 

The Kings were eager to get back onto the softball diamond after a bye last week. They were so eager that 14 Kings players dressed for the game. The Kings built and early lead and held on to win the opener over Natty O's 12-7. The early pre-game batting practice routine was helpful as the Kings bats came alive with 5 runs in b-1st and 3 runs in b-2nd to take early 8-1 lead. 2 RBI 1B by Arin Gelletly, 2 RBI 3B by Shawn Smith, and RBI 1B by Jan Katzen produced the 5 runs in b-1st. The runs in b-2nd came across on SF Justin Cohen and 2 RBI 1B Dylan Bell. Kings defense was sloppy in t-4th as they commited 4 errors leading to 2 runs, but RBI 1B by Alan Varhaftik in b-3rd and solo HR by Kenny Salzman in b-4th extended Kings lead 10-3 after 4 innings.

RBI 1B Troy Hendricks and RBI 3B Glenn Savage in b-5th gave the Kings the cushion they would need and despite 3 runs by Natty O's in t-6th, Kings came out the winners in game 1 by score 12-7

Natty O's offensive leaders in game 1:
Jeff Kapper (3-4)
Rob Medoff (2-3,2 R,3B)
Nick Meyer (2-3,1 R,2 RBI)
Jay Walle (2-3,1 RBI)

Kings offensive leaders in game 1:
Arin Gelletly (1-1,1 R,2 RBI,2 W)
Dylan Bell (2-3,1 R,2 RBI)
Shawn Smith (1-3,2 R,2 RBI,3B)
Jan Katzen (2-3,1 R,1 RBI,3B)
Troy Hendricks (2-3,1 R,1 RBI)

Game 2:   Kings 9  (WP- Jeff Harris 7-4)  Natty O's 8 (LP- RJ Seabeck 2-4) 

The Kings came from behind scoring 2 runs in t-7th to beat Natty O's in the nightcap 9-8. Kings came out strong again in the 1st inning scoring 4 times in t-1st. With 1 out, the next 7 Kings batters reached base-- Kenny Salzman 3B, Shilo Merwitz RBI 2B, Justin Cohen BB, Arin Gelletly RBI 1B, Dylan Bell RBI 1B, Shawn Smith RBI 1B, and Jan Katzen RBI 1B. The Kings didn't hold the lead for long as Natty O's matched the Kings with 4 runs in b-1st. The Kings tried again to build a lead with 2 runs in t-2nd on RBI 3B Gary Bosley and SF RCF Kenny Salzman. Natty O's cut Kings 2 run lead in half in b-3rd on Bratter 2B and Medoff RBI 1B. Kings loaded bases with 1 out in t-4th, but came away with just a Gary Bosley SF LCF and 7-5 lead.

In b-5th, Austin Feldman 1B, Jon Veditz RBI 2B, and Jason Smulson RBI 1B tied score 7-7. In b-6th, Bratter led off with 1B, but Kings starter Jeff Harris was able to retire the next 2 batters on short flyouts. With 2 outs, Justn Bullock tripled to the warning track in LCF scoring Bratter with go ahead run for Natty O's 8-7. In t-7th, with 1 out, Steve Levy 1B, pinch hitter Troy Hendricks followed with 1B sending courtesy runner Glenn Savage over to 3B as the tie run. Hendricks was able to advance to 2B on the throw towards third base. Gary Bosley delivered a clutch 2 RBI 1B into LCF scoring both Savage and Hendricks, giving Kings 9-8 lead. Natty O's threated in b-7th. With 1 out, Brad Wandell hit a 3B. The Kings were forced to bring in the infield and Harris was able to get Feldman out on a foul pop to 3B as Jan Katzen made a sliding catch to record the out and hold the tie run at 3rd base. Jay Walle popped out to SS Arin Gelletly to end the game in favor of the Kings 9-8.

Natty O's offensive leaders in game 2:
Matt Bratter (3-3,3 R,2B)
Justin Bullock (2-3,1 R,2 RBI,3B)
Jon Veditz (2-2,1 R,1 RBI,2B)

Kings offensive leaders in game 2:
Gary Bosley (2-3,1 R,4 RBI,3B,SF)
Kenny Salzman (2-3,1 R,1 RBI,3B,SF)
Shilo Merwitz (2-4,1 R,1 RBI,2B,K)
Shawn Smith (2-3)
Steve Levy (3-3,1 R)

Northwest Regional Park Field 2:    Umpire-
Game 1: La Familia 14  (WP- )  Recruits 4  (LP-  )   

Highlights pending.

Game 2:  La Familia 15  (WP- )  Recruits 14  (LP-  )   

Highlights pending.

Northwest Regional Park Field 3:    Umpire-  Rick Simmons
Game 1:   Nationwide Bombers 14  (WP- Tzvi Friedman 8-1 )  LOFT  9  (LP- Andy Peksa 3-5)  

L.O.F.T.’s LF Logan Malane decided to head to the beach on Saturday and give the team 12 hours’ notice that he would not be attending the game Sunday. Already being shorthanded in the OF this caused the team to be even more shorthanded as they could not find a replacement for Sundays game. This forced Daryl Bingham to move from RF to LF and he did a fantastic job. It also forced 1B/C/P Kenny Kreyling to roam RF and after his failed 1st attempt where he helped build up Fitbit steps as he took 517 of them, but only moved a total of 4 feet forward as the ball dropped right in front of him, he also did a great job in his new position. The L.O.F.T. defense was as good as could be expected with all the movement around the field and missing some of their top defensive players. The Bombers bats were just too tough on the day. Andy Peksa tried to keep them off balance with some super slow pitches and then mixing in some slow pitches, but the Bombers offense could not be stopped as they hung up 14 runs in the game. L.O.F.T. battled against PMMSL Ace Tzvi Friedman, but in the end the Bombers offense gave him more than enough runs to work with. In a season were L.O.F.T. has really struggled it is the moral victories that keep them going, so hanging 9 runs against such a good pitcher was a positive for L.O.F.T. Also, Third Baseman Brad Verbosky seemed to find his hitting stroke again after popping out twice he hit nothing but seeds the rest of the day.

LOFT Offensive Stars:
Mark Winkel: 2-4; 2B, 1B, R, RBI
Brad Verbosky: 2-4; 2 1B, R, RBI
Jonathan Stacey: 2-3; 2B, 1B, BB, 2 R, RBI
Dana Anderson: 2-4; 2 1B, R, RBI
Daryl Bingham: 2-2; 3B, 1B, BB, R

Game 2:  Nationwide Bombers 20  (WP- Tzvi Friedman 9-1)  LOFT  10  (LP- Andy Peksa 3-6)  

In game 2 L.O.F.T. hoped to build off the offensive momentum from game 1 and see if they could stop the Bombers potent offense. L.O.F.T. took a 2-1 lead in the bottom of the 1st when Brad Verbosky launched a 2 run bomb over the LCF fence. The Bombers took a 3-2 lead in the top of the 2nd and L.O.F.T. tied it up off of a Mike Randall RBI single. The score remained the same until the Bombers scored 4 in the top of the 4th to take a 7-3 lead. After Bingam and Stacey each drove in a run with RBI singles in the bottom of the 5th the score was 7-5. The Bombers were able to blow the game wide open with 7 runs in the top of the 6th inning. In what has become a common occurrence the umpire made a call that was clearly wrong and both teams knew it and L.O.F.T. was on the wrong end of the call as usual. On the positive side of things both teams got to hear the umpire speak for the 1st time. With the score now 14-5 L.O.F.T. fought back and hung up 5 runs to cut it to a 14-10 game after 6 innings. Pete Sclafani had a 2 RBI triple, Bingham had a 2 RBI double and Winkel had a RBI single to plate those 5 runs. With Kenny Kreyling now in the game, as pitcher Andy Peksa had simply had enough of the nonsense behind the plate, the Bombers plated 6 insurance runs to make it 20-10. L.O.F.T. had little fight left as they went down in order to finish off the bottom of the 7th inning and drop in to last place.

LOFT Offensive Stars:
Brad Verbosky: 1-1; HR (Over LCF Fence), 3 BB, 3 R, 2 RBI
Daryl Bingham: 2-4; 2B, 1B, 3 RBI
Nick Serkes: 2-4; 2 1B, R
Pete Sclafani: 2-3; 3B, 1B, R, 2 RBI
Andy Peksa: 2-3; 2 1B, R, RBI

Northwest Regional Park Field 4:    Umpire- 
Game 1:   Northwest Corridor 7  (WP- Ted Winner 2-3 )  Outlaws 6  (LP- Larry Newman 2-6)  

Highlights pending.

Game 2:  Northwest Corridor 13  (WP- Howard Goldberg 5-4 )  Outlaws 8  (LP- Larry Newman 2-7)  

Highlights pending.